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Long Live Rome confused, sad, and angry

Post by Faith on Sat Jun 14, 2008 12:48 am

Ok, so Im watching this fucking Ron Paul vid... and I just burst out crying like a fucking dork... why am i such an emotional mess?! I start thinking about how everyone is forgetting Rons message of peace and revolution and Im just crying like a fucking retard becuase now there are three candidates left... none of wich will get us out of this mess we are in... even though I know that everything happens for a reason and all is as it should be... Why am I crying like a freaking tard?! and then I start thinking... what if the government sent Ron Paul to stir shit up.... just to see how many people arent as asleep as they thought we were... and he wasnt even any more real than the other fucking candidates who want to rule the world and fuck us all... maybe Im just a crazy conspiracy theorist but ive learned that NO BODY can be trusted... and all these thoughts running through my head about how bad the economy is getting and how fucked everyone really is... I think Im going to lose my fucking mind... What happened.. when did I start to go so freaking mad? Im completly insane... and it only gets worse as time goes by... I dont think I can take this anymore, this rabbit hole is so much crazier than I was expecting and I cant find my way out... it just gets deeper and more and more fucked up. i dont know whats real and whats fake anymore...

Ill kill you with my brain...

where the hell is my rum?!...
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